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Matsuo Brewery Co., Ltd.

Tosayamada-cho, where our company is located, is located at the northern end of the Kachō Plain in the Monobe River basin, 18km northeast of Kochi City. It is a land blessed with a bright sky adjacent to Kochi Airport and the greenery of the mountains. Tosa Domain Nonaka Kenzan (1615-1663), who left behind the immortal ruins of Tosa's industrial and cultural history, built a weir on the Monobe River, opened Nitta, and dug a well in the land of Kagamino on the highway to establish a new town. I let you. This is a public fishing well, and many of them migrated from the basement to gush out from the basement, and today Tosayamada-cho was founded. Shokichi Matsuo, the sixth generation of Shobei, who moved to this area, started brewing at the present location in 1897, and has been in the brewing industry since then. The current president is the 7th generation, and there are few shipments outside the prefecture aiming for sake to drink at Tosa. The quality of sake is aimed at light and dry, and under strict quality control with the fresh water of the Monobe River underground, we strive for conscientious sake brewing, and Tosayamada's "Matsuo", "Tosayamada" and "Yamada Taiko" We have received the same patronage of many liquor lovers.

Brewery Info

NameMatsuo Brewery Co., Ltd.
RepresentativeSadayuki Matsuo
Address5-1-1 Nishihonmachi, Tosayamadacho, Kami-city Kochi
Drinking alcohol under the age of 20 is prohibited by law