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Nishioka Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.

Nishioka Sake Brewery is the oldest sake brewery in Kochi Prefecture since its founding in the first year of Tenmei (1781 AD) in the middle of the Edo period in Kure, Tosa Town, Kochi Prefecture, which is known as "the town of Tosa's one fishing". I'm telling the tradition of. The sake "Yukiyanagi" has been auspicious as the saying "No snow breaks in Yanagi" as a brand since its establishment, and it keeps the old-fashioned brewing as a special sake for drinkers. In addition, the sake "Junpei" uses pesticide-free rice and organic rice grown under contract in the neighboring Shimanto River headwaters village, Onomi Village, as raw rice, and the brewed water is sold nationwide under the name "Shimanto no Mizukikou". It is a sake prepared by drawing the famous water of the same village. We will continue to strive for polite and heartfelt sake brewing without being ashamed of the traditional name.

Brewery Info

NameNishioka Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.
RepresentativeDaisuke Nishioka
AddressNakatosa-cho Kure 6154, Takaoka Kochi
Drinking alcohol under the age of 20 is prohibited by law