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Kochi Sake Brewing Co., Ltd.

The situation of the war situation in 1943 became more and more severe, and half of the sake breweries were abolished due to the Corporate Development Law for each industry, and 28 sake brewers in 1 city and 3 counties in Kochi City, Nagaoka District, Agawa District, and Tosa District. Is integrated. In 1945, Kochi Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. was established. At this time, "Sake Hana no Tomo" was born as a joint brand. (Partially separated after that. Currently, Wakatake, Tosa Izumi, Oguro Masamune, Taki Arashi, Niyodo River, Chiyo Yoshino River, Sugi no Izumi, Kiku Wakaba, Tamayagi, Yachiyo Mori, Hasakura, Mine no Tsuru, Iwanoi, Hinode, It maintains the integration of 22 companies that had brands such as Aratama, Sensei, Kamogawa, Keisen, and the world.) Initially manufactured in Kutanda, Kochi City. Since it was the center of Kochi City, a large amount of iron and salt, which are natural enemies, were detected in the groundwater with the conversion to residential land, and it was forced to relocate. Moved to Maezato, Kochi City in the fall of 1974. Modernization progressed in a blink of an eye here as well, and the water quality deteriorated. In the winter of 1990, moved to Shogase, Ino-cho in search of good quality water. I was able to meet the delicious water that I kept sticking to here. According to "Tosa Fudoki", the Niyodo River is called the Miwa River, and the source of this river is a large river that reaches the country of Iyo, and because the water is clean, it was used for sake brewing dedicated to Okami. Since Miwa means god, it is said that miki was read as Miwa in the old language. Okami is said to be the predominant theory of Sugimoto Shrine, which is located under the Niyodo River. One day, this Miwa River came to be called the Niyodo River, and it is still a sacred river that flows purely. The groundwater was just like an angel. Only delicious water can produce delicious sake. I sincerely hope that everyone will take good care of water when they relocate repeatedly.

Brewery Info

NameKochi Sake Brewing Co., Ltd.
RepresentativeAtsuko Ishiguro
AddressKachigase780-2, Inocho Kochi
Drinking alcohol under the age of 20 is prohibited by law