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TSUKASABOTAN Brewing Co., Ltd.

About 400 years ago, it was the 8th year of Keicho (1603) immediately after the Battle of Sekigahara. With Kazutoyo Yamauchi, who received 240,000 stones of Tosa from Ieyasu Tokugawa for the merit of Sekigahara, the chief retainer of the Yamauchi family, Morishige Fukao, who entered Tosa, will take care of 10,000 stones of Sagawa. At that time, among the merchants who followed Mr. Fukao, the name of "Sake shop", which is engaged in sake brewing, was seen. It is a prestigious liquor store that is a merchant who goes in and out of the Fukao family and is allowed to have a "name and sword". This liquor store is the predecessor of Tsukasabotan Sake Brewery. Since then, traditionally correct sake brewing has been inherited in the land of Sagawa, and in 1918, Sagawa brewers gathered to establish a corporation as a modern company. And Count Mitsuaki Tanaka (Ryoma Sakamoto, Rikuentai captain after the death of Shintaro Nakaoka), who was a scholar of the Meiji Restoration from Sagawa and also served as Minister of the Meiji New Government, drank this Sagawa liquor and said, "The mellowness of the world, from now on Named "Shishi Peony" with a stroke of encouragement saying "King of Sake". It means "peony is the king of hundred flowers, and also the boss in the peony".

Brewery Info

NameTSUKASABOTAN Brewing Co., Ltd.
RepresentativeAkihiko Takemura
AddressSakawachoko 1299, Takaoka-gun Kochi
Drinking alcohol under the age of 20 is prohibited by law