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Sento Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1903. It has been brewing for over 100 years in a village in the eastern part of Kochi prefecture, which is full of nature and overlooks the Shikoku Mountains in the north and the Pacific Ocean in the south. The brands include "Tosa Shiragiku", which has been named after the first "Kiku" by Sento Kikutaro, the world's first ginjo sake "Tosa Fukaumi" brewed in Muroto deep sea water, and a new brand from 2014. There are "Mishio" etc. on sale. Not only those who like sake, but also those who are not familiar with sake and young people of the next generation want to know more about the charm of sake. We value "handmade sake brewing" without any hassle, and do most of the work such as "rice washing" and "jiuqu brewing" carefully by hand. The taste is pursuing "comfortable ease of drinking" with the concept of "fresh and fruity". The rice lineup is centered around Kochi Prefecture's "Gin no Yume" and uses a variety of rice such as Yamada Nishiki, Hattan Nishiki, Omachi, and Shizukuhime, which you can enjoy with the seasons. At "SAKE COMPETITION 2017", which decides the most delicious sake in the world, we won the first prize in the Junmai Ginjo category, and we have received many awards at other competitions. In addition, we also manufacture rice shochu, chestnut shochu, and liqueur that gently bring out the flavor of the raw materials.

Brewery Info

NameSento Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.
RepresentativeMiki Sento
AddressWajikiko 1551, Geiseimura, Aki-gun Kochi
Drinking alcohol under the age of 20 is prohibited by law