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Minami Brewery Co., Ltd.

Our company is located in Yasuda Town, 50 km east of Kochi City, one hour by car.

Yamakataya 12th generation Kuyoshiro Minami was founded in 1869.

Fortunately, it is blessed with nature, facing the magnificent Pacific Ocean in the south, and the Yanase Kenzan system, which is said to be one of the three major beauty forests in Japan, in the north. The Yasuda River flows and obtains high-quality water that is indispensable for sake brewing.

This shiratama-like fresh water was named "Tamanoi" because it was a well that never had a drink.

In 1998, we launched a new brand, "Minami," with the idea of making sake that is not ashamed of the family name. Both are carefully brewed using boxed jiuqu.

The quality of the liquor is dry yet mellow, and it has a smooth throat and is appreciated as a liquor that cannot be drunk. We will continue to carefully protect this taste.

Brewery Info

NameMinami Brewery Co., Ltd.
RepresentativeTomohide Minami
Address1875 Yasudacho, Akigun Kochi
Drinking alcohol under the age of 20 is prohibited by law