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Kikusui Brewery Co., Ltd.

"Kikusui is the taste of Tosa without strangers" and has been praised and patronized by many people for a long time. The Kikusui brewery is located in Tosa's Kokugeiyo area (Aki City), overlooking Cape Muroto, Katsurahama, and Cape Ashizuri. It is in the bosom of nature, which is rich in grace. This Tosa is a historic site where many great men were discharged and the priests came and went. The water veins that originated in the Shikoku Mountains are deeply underground and form a great foundation for the famous sake Kikusui brewing, as it is described as "Kikusui, the sacred water of the world." Also, as it is said from ancient times that Kikuhana "extends human life", it is named after the legend that he drank the drops of Kikusui and gained a longevity of over 700 years old. Since the Edo period, this sake has been widely loved by people inside and outside the prefecture because of its unique flavor of Tosa sake. In recent years, we have been developing sake, shochu, and liqueur for women. Taking advantage of the sensibility unique to women, we aim to create unique sake that is not found in Japan.

Brewery Info

NameKikusui Brewery Co., Ltd.
RepresentativeKazuki Haruta
Address4-6-25 Honmachi, AKi Kochi
Drinking alcohol under the age of 20 is prohibited by law