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SUIGEI Brewing Co.,Ltd.

Tosa Sake "Suigei Shuzo" ​​sang "Yesterday I drank in Hashiminami, today I got drunk in Hashikita, I should drink with sake, I should get drunk", and Toyoshige Yamauchi, the lord of the Tosa domain who loved sake. It was named after the official name "Suigei Shuzo". Nagahama, Kochi City, the land of "Suigei" brewing, is adjacent to the scenic "Katsurahama". Founded in the 5th year of the Meiji era, sake rice is selected and the rice used for each product is determined to bring out the characteristics of sake rice. We prepare a small amount of sake with excellent technology and abundant equipment, and we are working on sake brewing with a claim, breaking away from the stereotype that good sake can only grow in cold regions. Tosa Sake "Suigei" adds new technology and heart to Tosa Sake's characteristic light and dry taste, and delivers a powerful and sharp taste to everyone. Drink it like a giant whale, the king of the ocean, who swims leisurely in the Pacific Ocean.

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NameSUIGEI Brewing Co.,Ltd.
AddressNagahama 566, Kochi Kochi
Drinking alcohol under the age of 20 is prohibited by law