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Hamakawa Shoten Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1897, it is the easternmost warehouse in Kochi prefecture. The representative brand, Mitsuru, means "a beautiful and splendid man," and is a brand inspired by Tosa's scholar, Ryoma Sakamoto. This sake is characterized by its fine and mellow taste, refreshing sharpness and acidity.

The water used as the base of the beauty is the underground water of the Nahari River, which originates from Jinkichimori, the hometown of Yanase Sugi, a prefectural tree in Kochi Prefecture. You will reach the warehouse by going around the rich natural scenery such as the forest where the greenery of the trees is beautiful and the cool valley where the clear stream splashes. It is the people of the brewery who repeat the handiwork of turning rice into sake, but without the blessings of the heavens and the earth, the sake brewing work cannot be started. I want to turn the blessings of this land into delicious sake and return it to the locals. Keeping that wish, we brew not only Ginjo sake but also all sake, shochu, and local citrus liqueur.

Beautiful, strong, and gentle. The only goal of a brewery that brews beauty is to "make delicious sake."

Brewery Info

NameHamakawa Shoten Co., Ltd.
RepresentativeNaoaki Hamakawa
Address2150 Tanotyo, Akigun Kochi
Drinking alcohol under the age of 20 is prohibited by law